FrostWater sound is your one stop shop for high quality digital effects. We offer AFFORDABLE sound design services for video and film projects including SFX, Foley, Ambient, and ADR. We also compose and execute original TASA compliant sound tracks.

FrostWater sound provides a full suite of sound services for full length films, commercials, trailers, podcasts, and viral marketing campaigns. FrostWater sound is the convenient, affordable choice for any project, big or small.

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Audio Logo's, An image showing recording equipment

Want to add a little life to your television or web marketing campaign? Frostwater Sound Design composes signature audio logos recognizable to your brand.

Audio Branding, An image showing a mixing board

Is your radio or television advertisement lacking an original Sound Design? Frostwater will present you with a strategy for creating audio branding.

Custom sounds, An image showing audio equipment for makeing sounds

Sound Effects and ADR are integral parts of Sound Design. Frostwater will custom design sounds for your video game, your film, or your marketing kit.